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Increase email conversion rates

You can reduce your email costs and increase your conversion rates with a quick cleanse of your database.


We identify incomplete and erroneous data including typos. Where possible we correct incorrectly formatted addresses, remove disposable email addresses and flag the remaining records according to their PECR status.


The result will be a cleaner prospect list that you can confidently mail knowing that your unit cost per campaign should reduce and, being more tightly targeted and correctly addressed, your response rates should be higher.

#DataCleansing #Email #PECR #ROI

Enrich your customer experience

You can give your customers and your prospects a significantly better experience if you know a little more about them.


We enrich cold data by adding additional email addresses, identifying the most appropriate to use and checking deliverability.


We also identify incorrectly spelt names and in many cases we append telephone numbers which are then checked against the TPS & CTPS databases.


With this enriched data, you can optimise your customer experience and be happy in the knowledge that you can access them through more than just one channel.

#DataEnrichment #EMail #CTPS #PECR

Get the law on your side

One of the big concerns relating to data relates to the various rules and regulations around what you can/can't do.


With our creatively named "data compliance package" we will match your phone data against the most recent TPS/CTPS records AND we will run a PECR check on your email addresses to identify what you can send to which record.


Once completed you can be happy in the knowledge that you have done the right thing by your business and, more importantly, your customers.

#DataCompliance #TPS #CTPS #GDPR #PECR

Increase productivity overnight

Automation of email activity, prospect outreach and repetitive processes will save you time, reduce error rates and free up resource for revenue-generating activity.


We have significant experience in this area and can help provide various levels of automation and, in most cases, integrate them with your CRM.


If you do not currently manage a CRM then we can work with what you have got. Alternatively, we can talk you through your requirements, help you set it up and then integrate with your existing systems.

#DataAutomation #Productivity #CRM

Receive fresh prospects daily

With our automated outreach program in place you'll have more time to engage with fresh leads so you will doubtless want to stoke your sales funnel with more prospects.


By accessing lead feed's lead generation activity we can legally harvest a vast amount of public domain data rapidly and accurately. If you are looking to grow your B2B prospect list then we would love to help you.


You can be confident that all of the data we collect is fresh and checked in accordance with our data cleansing and compliance plans.

#DataAcquisition #LeadGeneration #FreshData
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